Founded in 2006, Annapolis Capital is a long-term investor of growth capital in the Canadian upstream oil and gas industry and is, or has been, a major or significant investor in over forty-five private and public portfolio companies. Prior to joining Annapolis, the management team had years of hands on operational, technical, financial and leadership experience in operating oil and gas companies, which guides our investment process and informs our strategic input with investee company management teams.

Annapolis has raised a total of $650 million of capital from a supportive institutional and high net worth individual investor base, with over $30 million of that capital invested by our principals and their families. Annapolis is actively managing portfolio investments in Fund VI and Fund VII, $150 million and $300 million funds, respectively, and is actively investing a $51 million fund that is focused on Canadian public oil and gas equities.

Annapolis has long believed that the consideration of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) factors and other risk factors is a critical aspect of our business (see the ESG section on this website). As a result, ESG plays an important role in our investment due diligence process and in the monitoring of our portfolio investments. We believe that the consideration, evaluation and management of ESG risks allows Annapolis to make better investment decisions and to reduce portfolio risk.  It also heightens awareness with investee companies and contributes to constructive change.

We continuously strive to improve our investment practices and in early 2018, Annapolis instituted a Responsible Investment Policy which formally integrates ESG considerations into our investment process for new and existing investments. Working with a formal policy has been a meaningful tool to ensure ESG matters remain at the forefront of our thinking and business practices.

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