Annapolis Capital is an active manager and aggregator of capital for Canadian upstream oil and gas investments. Annapolis currently manages capital in several closed-end private and public equity funds.  With a revised mandate broadened beyond traditional private equity, Annapolis is currently seeking opportunities to invest both equity and debt capital in a spectrum of start-up, early stage, and mature oil and gas opportunities.  Founded in 2006, Annapolis Capital is, or has been, a major or significant investor in over forty-five private and public companies.

Since inception, Annapolis has raised a total of $670 million of capital from a supportive North American institutional and high net worth individual investor base, with over $30 million of that capital invested by its principals and their families.

Prior to joining Annapolis, the Annapolis management team had years of hands-on operational, technical, financial and leadership experience in operating oil and gas companies, which guides its investment processes and informs strategic input with investee company management teams.